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Empties May 2014 | Challenge Accepted!

This month I agreed to enter an Empties Competition with my cousin Jacq, one I'm destined to lose from the moment I joined because throughout the month, I was too busy packing and unpacking stuff to bring in new furniture for my room. My goal for entering is only to force myself use more beauty products up before they expire or I lose interest in them, or simply to get rid of old stuff to bring in more new ones.

Jacq's already posted her CAUSION: VERY LONG post and you can check it out HERE.

I have a bad habit of loving a product when using the first half of it, then becomes bored and open another product to try... so many products are opened at the same moment. And this month I struggle to use the second halves up!

FRESHEL Cleasing Cream
膚蕊 卸妝按摩霜
I have been using this to remove my base makeup since winter and loving it, but my bad habit is keeping me from using it up. It is a thick cream with a few small scrubbing particles which dissolve when you massage the cream onto your face. Its Chinese name do have "Massage" and I enjoyed using it in cold dry skin days!
Rating: Hurray ♥很不錯
Repurchase? Yes, when winter comes! 

BIODERMA Sensibio H2O Micelle Solution (Sensitive Skin, 500 mL)
BIODERMA  Sensibio H2O深層卸妝潔膚水/法國貝德瑪 舒妍高效潔膚液
This 500mL bottle with a pump comes in a set with two smaller bottles of the same product. It is not my first time using Bioderma Pink Bottle Cleansing water and I think I would stick to using it during hot summer days. The freshness it gives after make up removal is just so great! This sensitive skin formula is not mild enough for my sensitive eye-area skin though.
Rating: Highly Recommend! ♥超推薦
Repurchase? Yes, after I finish the remaining small bottles and spot a discount! 

LOREAL PARIS Gentle Lip and Eye Makeup Remover
巴黎萊雅 溫和眼唇卸粧液
My holy grail eye makeup remover. The "Eye" only version without the "Lip", which is a clear liquid but not double layer blue liquid like this one, does not work. This one is mild but strong enough to remove tough mascaras from Japanese brands.
Rating: Highly Recommend ♥超推薦
Repurchase? Of course! I already have like 5 backups!

CLE DE PEAU Gentle Cleansing Foam tendre
肌膚之鑰 光采潔膚皂(潤澤型)
I didn't buy this, Jacq did and gave it to me when it's halfway done because she said she was too lazy to make foam with her hands. I am always a fan of foaming cleansers so I merrily try it out. It smells high-class and is priced high-class, but it doesn't win my heart as the Cost Performance Index is too low. It does the job of a good cleanser, washing off face oil and leaves you the feel you got after washing hands with soap, not sticky nor hydrating.
Rating: Okay ♥尚可
Repurchase? Nope, too expensive for a cleanser. 

資生堂 洗顏專科 超微米潔顏乳
My HG cleansing foam in summer! It washes away facial oil and possible remaining makeup really well but would not give a drying feeling. Instead it gives a special "bouncing" feel in your skin! Love it!
Rating: Highly Recommend! ♥超推薦
Repurchase? Yup! After using up my 3+ backups or when I spot a discount! 

SHISEIDO White Lucent Brightening Cleansing Foam w
資生堂 美透白潔膚皂W
Got this sample from a purchase. The above three all came from Shiseido Group so I would like to compare them here. I like this one better than the CDP one as it is a little bit more moisturizing and feels less like after-soap-cleansing. I like it less than the Hada-senka one because I fell in love with Hada-senka foam's "bouncing" feel.
Rating: Hurray ♥很不錯
Repurchase? Nope, but I would not mind getting it in sample size or skincare sets. 

GARNIER Aqua Defense Moisturizing Cleansing Foam
卡尼爾 水潤凝萃保濕潔面乳
My HG cleansing foam in autumn and winter. It gives a moisturize without drying feel after washing off, but its oil removing power is weaker than Hada-Senka Perfect Whip Foam. Thus I do not use it in hot summer when my skin secretes more oil. And it is priced under HK$30, sometimes discounted to under HK$25! Isn't it sweet!
Rating: Highly Recommend! ♥超推薦
Repurchase? Of course! I already got a handful of backups! 

VICHY Purete Thermale Purifying Foaming Cream (15 mL)
薇姿 澄淨乳霜潔面泡
Sample size from a set. Just use it up during the time gap of switching between two of the above HG cleansers. An okay product, not resisting to use another from a set or sample.
Rating: Okay ♥尚可
Repurchase? No. 

PROF TK Crystal Skin Instant Whitening Toner
PROF TK 肌淨透瞬效亮白化妝水
This toner formula is too fresh, so using it in the "three layer toner" method would be more appropriate. I use this as skin softener because of its freshness, and then apply another layer of hyaluronic acid hydrating toner. Sometimes I use sebum control toner before this whitening toner to complete the "three layers". 
Rating: So-so ♡普普通通
Repurchase? No. I like toners to have a thicker texture than this.

DR.WU Intensive Hydrating Serum With Hyaluronic Acid (101 ml)
達爾膚 玻尿酸保濕精華液
My HG hydrating hyaluronic acid serum! This is my second 101mL bottle and I've used up numerous smaller volume bottles, see my passion towards this product? I JUST LOVE IT SOOOOOO MUCH! It is such a pure hydrating product that I feel secured to use it even on sensitive skin days! And no special scent is a PLUS point!
Rating: Highly Recommend! ♥超推薦
Repurchase? Of course! Although I'm a little bored and tried hyaluronic acid serums from other brands, this one is still my favourite! 

EAU THERMALE AVENE Thermal Water Spray (300 mL)
雅漾 舒護活泉水
Spraying out even water "mist" is the most important requirement for a water spray, and this one does. I like it very much and repurchase 300mL every time a bottle is done. Large volume available in local drugstore chains means I can get them in a acceptable price and use for a longer time. Great!
Rating: Highly Recommend! ♥超推薦
Repurchase? Yes, because this bottle has run out and I need a new one! 

VICHY Eau Thermale Spa Water Spray (50 mL)
薇姿 溫泉舒緩噴霧
It does not give even water spray. OUT! Coming from a gift set, its size is small for carrying in handbag though.
Rating: Okay ♥尚可
Repurchase? No. 

KIEHL'S Creamy Eye Treatment with Avocado
契爾氏 牛油果眼霜/酪梨眼霜
This is my first can of this product, and since I've used this last autumn, I'm in love! The skin around my eyes screamed for help when this can is used up so that they break out pretty horribly. Some may feel this eye cream's texture is a bit thick, but if you use toner beforehand to help the absorption and be careful with the amount you apply, it would be your HG eye cream also! (It is weird to be a 14mL can instead of normal eye cream sized 15mL though.)
Rating: Highly Recommend! ♥超推薦
Repurchase? YES! Already got my second can in doubled 28mL size! 

LOREAL PARIS Demo Expertise Hydra Fresh Hydration Aqua Essence 
巴黎萊雅 水清新深層保濕水精華
I used to love this few years ago and keep repurchasing when one is done. But this formula is too thin for my skin now. Good for oily skin and troubled acne skin though.
Rating: So-so ♡普普通通
Repurchase? No. I just don't love it no more.

BEAUTY DIARY Prunus Serrulata Mask - Moisturizing & Hydrating
我的美麗日記 山櫻花極致保濕面膜
This is a special edition mask during Sakura (cherry blossom) season. I got another version of Whitening function too. This one is okay for its average HK$6/pc price as it does the job of hydrating. A downside is that it is fragranced to fit the sakura theme. The smell makes it feel a bit low.
Rating: Okay ♥尚可
Repurchase? No. 

MAMONDE Flower Essential Mask Anti-Trouble
夢妝 花源滋養面貼膜
It said anti-trouble and I thought it would be less fragranced. I was wrong. The line is "Flower Essential", making fragrance a key selling point, which some, like me, may not like so much. It smells like the kind of herb pictured on the package, a relaxing but strong like Thai herb odour I do not prefer to add onto my troubled skin (of course I have troubled skin when I reach for an ANTI-trouble mask!). The fragrance did not cause any skin breakout though.
Rating: So-so ♡普普通通
Repurchase? No.

INNISFREE Eco Beauty Tool Premium 100% Cotton Pads
悅詩風吟 生態美容有機化妝棉
Costs me HK$25 as I recall, but only got 80 pieces (I might be wrong about the exact price and pieces). And Innisfree do not have a store in my neighborhood. Too troublesome to buy although quality is good.
Rating: Hurray ♥很不錯
Repurchase? Probably. If the store location is better, gets a discount with a bigger pack. 

SHISEIDO Facial Cotton
資生堂 化妝棉
HK$50 with 165 pieces. Average price is similar to the Innisfree's but I like this one's texture even better. It is soft and has appropriate thickness. Big package too. Got a store located in my neighborhood. Great!
Rating: Highly Recommend! ♥超推薦
Repurchase? Yup! When it is running out I just go to a nearby Shiseido to pick a new pack up! So convenient! 

BOBBI BROWN Brush Cleaning Spray
芭比布朗 筆刷清潔噴霧
I am too lazy and rarely clean my brushes (Wrong example DO NOT FOLLOW.) This is bought years ago together with my first Bobbi Brown concealer, which was still in double-deck packaging (those who are familiar with the brand should know how long ago that was). A fast and good brush cleaning way to use, though its pump is broken when it has about one-third left.
Rating: Hurray ♥很不錯
Repurchase? Probably. Let me first check its price now...

KAO Steam Eye Mask - Unscented
My relief for the eyes after a long day staring at the office computer. Works very well for stressed exhausted high-pressured eyeballs. The warm feeling relaxes your tension and it is convenient to use too! Just grab a piece and tear it open like a normal facial mask and it would heat itself up.
Rating: Highly Recommend♥超推薦
Repurchase? Yes! OMG this pack runs out again, I needa get one fast. 

OKAMOTO Smiling Face Heat Pad for Menstrual Cramp Relief
岡本 月舒適經痛貼
The Savior for surviving the period. So useful for working days during the period, which means you cannot keep hugging a hot water bag. Bring a piece with you before period and during the first few days of period. You'll thank me.
Rating: Highly Recommend♥超推薦
Repurchase? Yes! Before my next period I need a new pack to prepare for it! 

I will slowly fill in the Chinese version, at least for brand and product names.
Too exhausted typing this last bit in the middle of the night (3:30 am now).
What do you feel about this little empties competition between me and Jacq? 
Please leave comments below to let us know! 

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  1. Not bad! You did go through a lot of cleansers. I expected more masks though.

    1. I feel too sleepy every midnight to use up masks... just wanna smear skincare and throw myself to bed.

    2. 可以挑戰早上上妝前full mask



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