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京阪行美妝戰利品 | Osaka & Kyoto: Beauty Shopping and Souvenirs

I just returned from mu 11-Days Kansai (Kyoto and Osaka), Japan trip.

The composing of this article is more efficient than I thought as I am struggling to fall back to night owl routine and wake up hours earlier than I usually do.

Sightseeing's been fun but shopping was even more exciting. So many I've seen and so little I can carry, THESE are the most interesting things I spotted, mostly can only be found in Japan officially.

To keep this short, let's start counting!

藥妝店購入 Purchased in Drugstore:

糀姫 櫻花系列敷膜 Koji Hime face pack (mask)
The kind of new product Taiwanese blogger Vera wrote about. In fact many items on my drugstore/beauty shop shopping list are based on her posts. Interesting face pack that need to be washed off after using, in white creamy mud texture. It claims it removes dead cells and does skincare at the same time. Look forward to experiencing its effects!

肌研 極潤α彈力肌保濕化妝水 Hadalabo Goku-jyun Alpha Lotion
Sold in Hong Kong too. As Japaneses Yen are so cheap and Hadalabo marked their price way lower in their origin country, I decided to purchase this in Japan. It says it gives you "bouncing" skin and I definitely need this.

肌研 金極潤保濕化妝水 Hadalabo Gold Goku-jyun Hydrating Lotion
Gold version of  Hadalabo lotion released lately in Japan, and I heard it will soon be sold in Taiwan. No sign of it entering Hong Kong market yet.. Its texture is much thicker than the original version, which suits my need for winter skincare.

D.Splash La Bella 高濃度炭酸美容液 Carbonated Treatment
Vera posted about it. Thought it is trendy and fun to play with "Carbonated" essence so I picked one up.

Sofina 咕o臣潔面泡泡 Face Wash
Sold in Hong Kong too, Again priced like 50% off of Hong Kong counter price so I grabbed one.

肌極 酵素潔面粉 Hadakiwami Powder Wash
Tried Kose Suisai powder wash and liked this type of "Enzyme" powder wash. Hadakiwami is a newer brand (that I heard) and powder wash is its hot selling item, can't miss!

藥妝店購入 Purchased in Drugstore:

Transino 美白化妝水 Whitening Clear Lotion
Transino 美白美容液 Whitening Essence EX
Transino 美白面膜 Whitening Facial Mask

Minon Amino Moist 潔顏粉 Clear Wash Powder
Minon Amino Moist 保濕化妝水II Moist Charge Lotion II
Minon Amino Moist 保濕乳液 Moist Charge Milk
Minon Amino Moist 保濕面膜 Facial Mask

Transino and Minon are the two brands Vera recommended, the former specializes in whitening effect and the later's selling point is designed for sensitive skin. I just finished my Kiehl's ultra facial moisturizer and opened Minon Amino Moist Charge Milk, which comes forth on beauty shop Cosme's moisturizer chart. Nice.

藥妝店購入 Purchased in Drugstore:

炭酸革命 Bubble Revolution Shuwa Shuwa (CO2) Mask
- Green: Acne version, Pink: Basic version

Still affected by the "Carbonated" skincare trend to grab these.

Lululun Mask 7-day packs 七天面膜
-White: Refreshing clarity 白色透明感
-Pink: Basic moisturizing 粉色基本款
-Blue: High moisturizing 藍色高保濕
-Gold: Kyoto special edition (Tea scent) 金色京都特別版(宇治茶香味)

I did not like my last encounter with Lululun 7-day masks few years ago as I feel their mask paper is too thin and cannot absorb a lot of essence. However, I read about their redesigned mask paper so I gave them a second chance this time. Special edition masks from Lululun are sold in boxes with 5 bags of 7-day packs inside, so I gifted one bag to Jacq for her to try out. I opened a Kyoto pack too and is close to finish it.

藥妝店購入 Purchased in Drugstore:

Rohto Acnes25 藥用抗痘噴霧 Medical Mist
For my back that "grows" acne during summer.

Shiseido Moilip 護唇膏 Lip Care
Taiwanese blogger Goris blogged about it, saying it is the savior of cracked lips. (his post in Chinese)

Rohto Acnes25 藥用抗痘霜 Medical Cream
Pair Acne 乳霜W Cream W
Repurchase. Acnes 25 cream effective for huge pimples, and I use Pair Acne cream after I squeeze out "stuff" out of my pores to reduce imflammation. I studied the two effective ingredients specially listed out on the boxes and found that they are actually the same, with Acnes 25 in higher dose. Both I found effective (but not everyone likes them both) and I used them for different purpose.

Rohto Soft One 人工淚液 eyedrop
Artifical tear product for my dry eyes. This Rohto product is newly released and not every drugstore has this.

藥妝店購入 Purchased in Drugstore:

優月美人 足溫樹液貼 Yugetsu Bijin Foot Warming Pad
I thought this is the warm version of 休足時間 under-feet pads that I purchased on the first day of journey and liked a lot. When I am back to Hong Kong and googled about this, I found out its function apparently is not what I've expected. This should be the kind of foot warming pad that works by absorbing moisture from your feet before you sleep. Will try them out when cold current comes.

桐灰製藥 紅豆蒸汽眼罩 Kiribai Red Bean Steam Eye Pack
桐灰製藥 紅豆蒸汽肩敷 Kiribai Red Bean Steam Shoulder Pack

 The kind of steam pack that needs a microwave oven to work. Tried the shoulder pack tonight and found they are too hot to use at 24 degrees Celsius room temperature. Classify them as winter-only products just like the foot warming pad mentioned above. 

藥妝店購入 Purchased in Drugstore:

Kiss You 負離子牙刷 Negative ion toothbrush and refills
Negative ion and toothbrush seems to be an interesting combination. And when buying toothbrush, you need to buy for the whole family. Umm. 

藥妝店購入 Purchased in Drugstore:

雪肌精 晶透潤白潔顏皂 Kose Sekkisei Facial Essence Soap 
One of Sekkisei's top selling product. Yen is cheap. Can't miss. (Getting lazy to type...)

便利店7-11 購入 Purchased in 7-11 Convenience store: 

雪肌粹 美白洗面乳 Kose Sekkisui White Washing Cream
雪肌粹 噴霧狀化妝水 Kose Sekkisui Lotion Mist
雪肌粹 藥用美白化妝水 Kose Sekkisui Pure Whitening Lotion
雪肌粹 Kose Sekkisui Perfect  BB Cream
雪肌粹 夏日限定面膜 Kose Sekkisui Summer limited edition Mask 
雪肌粹 面膜 Kose Sekkisui Mask

Sekkisui has the same active ingredient as its sister brand Sekkisei, just in lower dose. Budget buy and only sold in Japan 7-11 convenience store. White washing cream is the bestseller of this brand and tourists buy not just one but dozens in boxes as souvenirs to gift friends back home.

美妝店Plaza和Cosme購入 Purchased in Beauty Shop "Plaza" and "Cosme":

PS Steam Towel 蒸汽洗臉毛巾
Interesting skincare towel Vera mentioned in her post. Claims makeup can be removed just using this towel but I am not going to risk clotting my pores to try this function out. So why did I buy this? Okay I'd just use it as a double check facial towel after cleansing...

Lissage 藥用美肌化妝液D2  Skin Maintenizer D2 (For dry skin, very moist)
Top-listed on Cosme chart toning lotion section. Official website says D2 is the most moisturizing one out of the six skin maintenizer (basic version). It seems the Cosme store I went to only sells D2 anyway. 

DHC 深層卸妝毛孔潔膚油 Deep Cleansing Oil
Cleansing oil is one of DHC's ace products but I've never tried. Got a chance to get one with Cinderella cartoon packaging. 

碧麗妃 溫感卸妝凝膠 Benefique Hot Cleansing 
Comes second on Cosme chart of cleansing (makeup removing) product. Hot cleansing gel to be used in winter.

Hollywood Orchid Beauty Moisture 美容液
If it didn't come first on Cosme essence chart, I would not have noticed its ordinary packaging out of so many products. 

Opera Sheer Lip Color Coloring #103 Apricot Pink 透明感口紅
Lip gloss in a stick form which I found moisturizing and not sticky. This color is its bestselling as I remember. 

Ettusais 水潤修護唇膏 Lip Essence (Stick) 
Can't find DHC lip cream in cute packaging. Pissed off and saw this Ettusais ace product I’ve never tried with cute pattern. So I bought.

美妝店Plaza及機場店舖購入 Purchased in Beauty Shop "Plaza" and Airport store:

iPhone 6 Case x3
Selfie Lighting for Smartphone

Not much to say. Yen is cheap so I impulse shopped.

大阪高島屋購入 Purchased in Takashimaya Osaka:

Suqqu Dual Effect Powder Foundation #101 粉餅
I was heading for Suqqu lipsticks when I sat down. Saleslady was so thoughtful to reapply this around my lips every time I tried on a new lipstick color. So I bought this too. And I got no time to visit Cle de peau which I intended to get a compact before duty free counter of the department store close.

大阪高島屋購入 Purchased in Takashimaya Osaka:

Suqqu Creamy Glow Lipstick Moist #06 春撫子 Harunadeshiko, #07 珊瑚石 Sangoseki, #12 紅蜂蜜 Benihachimitsu, #13 茜薔薇 Akanebara
I did not intend to buy four. Blame saleslady's excellent service for these. Now I totally got five lipsticks in this formula. Wala.

Chicca Mesmeric Lipstick #03 Creamy Tomato
I decided to get one more lipstick of this formula after my first tube. Lovin it!

大阪高島屋購入 Purchased in Takashimaya Osaka:

資生堂 Shiseido Vital Perfection White Revitalizing Softener Enriched
資生堂 Shiseido Ultimune Power Infusing Eye Concentrate
資生堂 Shiseido Ultimune Power Infusing Concentrate
資生堂 Shiseido Bio-Performance Corrective Eye Cream
資生堂 Shiseido Bio-Performance Advanced Renewing Cream

Products I enjoyed using during my last Shiseido membership facial session.
Purchasing in Japan with tax deduction is HK$50-200 cheaper than Hong Kong price.

Gift with purchase and samples I kept for my share. 

Random cute character goods and souvenirs.

Masking tapes to add into my collection, and a capsule toy I draw with 200 yen.

That's all for this lengthy post. And make sure you don't miss Jacq's post about what I bought for her during this trip! (her post)
Please comment and let me know how you think about them, see ya~

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